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THANKFUL THURSDAY! Thankful to have these amazing people in my life! . . . #thankfulthursday #familymatters
Weekend adventures!!
Bacon cinnamon rolls anyone!?!?!
Unusually warm weather here! We will take it! . . #italy🇮🇹 #greveinchianti #journeytothegoodlife
Manarola, Italy
Greve in Chianti is always beautiful!! . . #italy🇮🇹 #tuscany #journeytothegoodlife #greveinchianti
Good to be back in Greve in Chianti!
Manarola from above. . . #manarola #italy #journeytothegoodlife
Giornata di pioggia a Manarola
From coast to Italian coast!
Florence was great but it's time to move on!
One of my favorite cities! . . . #venezia #italy #journeytothegoodlife
My favorite season is here! #journeytothegoodlife #4seasons
Saw this little guy on our walk this past weekend!! #journeytothegoodlife
Happy Anniversary to the best wife ever @g.katie1 ! Many more amazing years to come!
Super grateful and lucky to have such an amazing wife @g.katie1 ! She surprised me with a fishing charter on lake Superior this weekend for an early bday present. Our two amazing friends @thomas_shooting_accessories and @photomidge came as well! We got 2 10ish lb Lakers, had some "trouble at sea" but everything turned out just fine thanks to our captain Jon Dahl! It was an amazing weekend. I am so blessed, lucky and grateful to have what I have and do what I do.
We had some good luck on Lake Superior this weekend! 10lb Laker! #happyhookersportfishing #lakesuperior
Little surprise birthday trip for @g.katie1!! Flagstaff and Sedona were amazing!! We will definitely be back!

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Time is not on our side and It’s better that way!

Time is the most valuable thing in the world. Why? When a second passes by you never get that second back again and by the time if/when you think about it 30 more have passed. Each second should be so meaningful and great because we all have a limited amount of them left. Time is the only asset that everyone in the world from the richest person to the poorest cannot control.. You can’t buy more time. You can’t trade time for more money.. Sure you can exercise and eat right to live a healthier life but there’s no guarantee. When it’s your time to go – adios my friend. I personally think this is one of the best gifts ever. Time. Once you know and truly understand how valuable time is I feel like you can have a better understanding of what life is really worth.. I’m still figuring this out myself on my journey to the good life!

I really spend a lot of time thinking about this and it seems like i  practice ways to spend my time the way I really want to live it for a couple weeks and then I get back into the crazy fast lane of life and end up working 50 + hour weeks, barely sleeping and working my self into a weird mental and physical depression until I can snap out of it again and remember whats truly important. When I realize this I usually try to go for a walk or run without music or anyone else and just look around at the trees, grass, lake, people, and sky and think that I live in a amazing world with so many amazingly beautiful things that I am so thankful for. From there I try to write down what I want my life to be like and work towards that.

Money is a tough thing for me.. because I like it and it helps make life easier and when I work a lot I get more of it obviously. But there needs to be that happy median of enough money to still live a decent life and still have the time to enjoy the little things every single day. Because nobody on earth can tell you when you’re going to take your last breath. I believe we would all benefit in many aspects of our life by living every second and every breath like today’s going to be our last day.

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