Young gun no more.

I’m turning 30 in October. Is that a big deal? I don’t really care about numbers but in the past couple years I’ve gone from decent shape physically to better shape to the worst shape of my life bent over hunched to my right and stuck there until my body lets me know that its okay to go back to good posture. I’ve gone from a mechanic (youthful and healthy) to security guard (decent shape) to climber trainee (better shape) to fleet manager (worst shape). I lost physical endurance and strength. My goal for the rest of my 29th and all of my 30th year is to get into the BEST shape of my life and then maintain that shape for as long as I can.

My boss and good friend says that he hit his prime shape in his 40’s so I am pretty confident that I can hit my prime in my 30’s with dedication and perseverance.

One of the issues I have is coming home after a day consisting of a 45 minute commute without traffic (awesome) into work, a 10 hour work day that I personally try to push my self to get as much done as i can as efficiently as I can and then a hour and half to 2 hour commute home. When I get home I eat, play with the dogs for not as long as they deserve and sit on the couch and watch TV (wind down) for 30 minutes before I have to go to bed and then pass out of exhaustion and wake up at 4 o’clock work out if i can and do it all over again. I know that I should live closer to work, take my dogs for a run, work myself out, cook and eat a healthy dinner, spend time with my wife and do something I selfishly love to do (clean my vehicles, work on one of my many projects, mill some wood, weld some table legs, clean out one of my tool boxes, clean my firearms, plan a road trip somewhere new or just go for a walk for no other reason but to look at the trees, lakes and the ground upon which I stand and THEN rest and turn the TV on for 2 minutes or go on the laptop for a bit before I pass out from exhaustion.


When I started this post I lived A wcent way from work but I’m back to tell you we found a house that we loved 1/4 of the way to our old house and we put in an offer and got it! Ever since we moved into this house we have been so much happier! The yard is bigger (over half acre for the dogs and privacy IN TOWN), the house is smaller (2bed2bath 1250sqft – PERFECT FOR US), all of the major things with a house are brand new (roof, furnace, ac, water heater, carpet, appliances), has a fire place, which is all stuff that we wanted.

Since moving into the new house we have increased our active lifestyle incredibly! We work longer days during the week but our commute time is barely anything! We can workout in the morning, go to work early, stay at work late and come home to make a delicious and nutritious dinner! Then spend time with each other walking around a lake across the street with the dogs or run around in our spacious back yard! As of right now we are still fixing up our other house to be sold so we don’t have a TON of time to spare right now but as soon as that sells we will have more time than we know what to do with!! I will have to get some ideas for hobbies!!


We sold our other house and continue to get raises on the best currency there is … TIME!! love those raises.. now we have even more time to spend doing the things we love to do rather than the things we have to do! Which is what my Journey to the Good Life is all about…

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