As 2018 came to a speedy close I felt a bit saddened, proud and excited.

Saddened because we lost one of our dogs and that was an exceptionally hard thing to go through and we will miss him dearly but he’s in a better place and no longer in pain!

Also, I’m getting to the point in life where I don’t realize how fast time is going until I go to write a date and realize the month and or year has changed already. This time in life is typically where people are having kids, working hard in their careers to get ahead or to keep up with their lives that they’re building! It seems to me that more and more people are skipping the kids and working on themselves and each other with Katie and I being apart of that group. But both groups are very, very busy and probably lose track of time. ANYWAY. It’s time once again to keep a closer eye on time and not let the most valuable thing ever fly by me without realizing how much has gone by.

Proud because we had an amazing year! We travelled more this year than any other (So far) at 5.5 weeks! We flew to Kauai, New England and Alaska. Drove out west a bit including South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah!

I’m also proud because we both have grown as individuals, we’ve grown in our careers and we’ve grown as a pair! We have a SOLID plan in place that lets us to pay off our house in 8 years while still saving enough to retire from full time work shortly after that! The weird part is that we were already on that path but just putting it all in some sort of writing or spreadsheet really opens your eyes to what you can do with not a huge amount of money. Which is one of the reasons Journey to the Good Life is different than a lot of the other F.I.R.E and lifestyle blogs I’ve read. We’re not raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars every year but we are responsible, frugal and still have fun. Absolutely not talking negatively about anyone or anything because if we made that much we’d be doing the same thing. We’re just doing it a bit slower.

Excited because although I don’t like the whole New year’s resolutions thing and believe strongly that you should always have goals and dreams to work toward, there’s something about a fresh year. Anything could happen. You can’t change 2018 but you can do whatever it takes to make 2019 the best year of your journey yet!! I’m looking forward to tons more travel, working hard on accomplishing goals, spending more quality time working on this website, while also spending my time with Katie and our dog Maggie!

We also have big things planned for Journey to the Good Life this year so subscribe and I hope you like what you see and spread the word!!

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