About us and our Journey to the Good Life


My wife Katie and I (Nate) decided to create this blog to keep track of our travels, adventures and other (what we think are interesting) things in our lives and share it with who ever wants to read it! We’re not here to tell you to quit your job, how to try and probably fail at making a blog that makes you copious amounts of money so you never have to work again, try to scam your way into a huge amount of “free” credit card bonuses or a shit ton of free miles. I’m here to help you live your best Journey as well as to share parts of our life that we think are important and have helped and continue to help us have a great time in our life! It includes working hard, playing hard, spending time with friends and family, frugal living and amazing travel while documenting it all along the way. With all of this we could all live the most amazing, fulfilling and meaningful life we could ever dream of.

With all that said here’s a little info about the Mrs and myself!

Katie is a hard working Human Resources employee. She loves to travel and likes to spend time outside. She enjoys planning trips, traveling on said trips, exercising, and playing with our dog Maggie. She loves to see new places and learning things about new cultures. Her favorite destination is Italy.

I am an Equipment / Shop Manager for a large tree company that operates through out the US, Canada and the UK. I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, fixing things, building things, photography, traveling, financial independence and am always up for an adventure. I also love to spend my time fishing, cooking, hiking, and enjoying nature especially with our Maggie girl. My favorite destinations are the Mediterranean and Stanley, ID.

Thanks so much for checking out our website! We hope it helps you on your Journey and if not hopefully you enjoyed a bit of ours!