DIY Roof Rack

I started this venture by doing a couple searches for DIY roof racks that can hold a lot of weight, somewhat easy to make and fix on and off road, and cheaper than buying  an expensive name brand roof rack. With these three things in mind I set off and purchased some Super Strut (Strut [...]

Truck Bed Drawers

I've always been a fan of drawer systems. They help keep all your stuff organized whether it be gear for hiking, camping, tools for work, etc. Not only all of that but you can keep the top clean and pop a mattress in there and you have a pretty comfy situation there!     I [...]

Italy in October, 2019

  Venice After a sleepless red eye flight from Minnesota and couple hour layover in Amsterdam, we landed into Venice right before sunset. We figured out the first time we went to Venice over 5 years prior that the private water taxi for 100 euro from the airport on the mainland to the island is [...]


As 2018 came to a speedy close I felt a bit saddened, proud and excited. Saddened because we lost one of our dogs and that was an exceptionally hard thing to go through and we will miss him dearly but he's in a better place and no longer in pain! Also, I'm getting to the [...]


We started planning this trip a year ago when Katie's cousin from Boston visited Minnesota for a wedding in the family. We didn't think too much about it at the time but the more research we did on Boston and New England we started to get excited and starting booking things! We decided we would [...]

Alaska October 2018

  This adventure started with Katie surprising me with a 30th birthday trip to see my brother and sister in-law in Ketchikan AK!! They manage Settlers Cove State Recreation Area which is at the dead end of the main road on the island. Dave and Adrienne are living in Alaska working as camp hosts for Settlers Cove State [...]

Western Road Trip July 2018

We usually try to plan our trips a year in advance. This year has gotten kind of turned around and instead of doing a 2 weeks SW Road trip in September/October, We are saving a week and going to meet Dave and Adrienne in Alaska in the fall. The other week we will be going [...]

Credit Card PAIN-ment

I have had credit card debt up wazoo. It's probably worse than what it sounds like. Constantly stressed, working your ass off and getting nowhere.. Feeling hopeless. In short it really sucks. I also got myself out debt though as well.. It wasn't easy and it took buying and selling 2 different houses, frugal living [...]