New Rig

So I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a really good deal on a very reliable, off road capable, weekend / road trip rig. I found one that I felt like I’d regret if I didn’t at least take a peek! Well.. It just so happened that it was a one owner, all maintenance up to date and filed / accounted for, super well maintained rig that had more bells and whistles I’ve ever had or wanted in a vehicle for a less than KBB, Edmunds, and NADA. In the last year (less than 1000 miles driven) he put new Goodyear Wranglers, battery, timing belt, pulleys, water pump, and brake pads and rotors all around.

I told the seller after looking it over and driving it for a while that I’d like the night to think about it but I’d like you to hold it at least until tomorrow. He said he could hold it with some sort of guarantee I’m actually interested in purchasing it which is fair because I’m sure he had lots of calls and what not on this vehicle. The next day I had a cashiers check ready for the amount I was willing to pay for the vehicle. I gave it one more once over and I offered my final offer. He accepted. I walked away with an amazing vehicle and he walked away with a fair amount for said vehicle.

My plans for this vehicle include, new front bumper to protect from deer and other wildlife. I am also planning on suspension upgrades, new head unit, bed platform with drawers and LED interior lights, solar system with a second battery bank for all accessories, headlights or just clean them up real good and some new bulbs. I also want to cover the fog lights in lamin-x and some new bulbs. and i’m sure much.. much more once I get going.

The only issue with this rig is that I can’t just drop everything load up my overland shit, wife, dogs and head south for the winter.

UPDATE: 7/9/18

So I’ve added a Thule roof top bin and an ARB awning to the SeQUOY! We just tested both of these things out with a road trip out west where we went to 5 national parks and drove 3800 miles in 8 days. I will be doing s trip report on this in a separate post! So be sure to check that out!

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