PNW Roadtrip October 2016 PART 1

I am writing this trip report over a year after this trip actually took place.

We had been planning this trip for a year and finally it was time to starting packing up the Tundra and camper. (little history: the year prior to the trip I started building a small camper with my dad on the weekends. I’m writing another post about the camper) I am kind of a list crazy person especially when it comes to trips and even MORE so when it comes to road trips. So needless to say I had a huge list for ALMOST every situation. For example I had everything from extra hub assemblies for our camper, tools, tire plug kit, fix a flat, I had back ups for my backups. I had traded my black 2016 Toyota Tacoma access cab 2wd 5 speed manual for a 2008 Toyota Tundra 5.7L 4wd in mint condition. I didn’t regret it at all. I went thru the Tundra by doing a full tune up, changing front, rear and transfer case fluids, making sure brakes and tires were good! On our next road trip I will add a picture of the packing lists and everything before we pack it as well as packed in the truck and camper.

The day before we leave I pack everything up, top off the fuel and make sure it is ready to roll the next day after work. I bring the camper and truck fully loaded to work and drop Katie off so we can leave right when I pick her up and we head west. We stop at the Cabela’s in Mitchell, South Dakota for a free, safe and convenient place to sleep for the night.


We are up before the sun and after a couple hours of sleep we continue west. A couple hours after we left Cabela’s we got a awesome sunrise behind us!


It’s been quite a few years that we’ve been to Wall Drug so we decided for a quick gas, bathroom stop and look around! It’s still the same! ha! We then continue on to the Black Hills NF and stop for a couple photos around Mt. Rushmore!

We then made our way to our stop for the night which was a reservation we made before we left for the Blue Bell Campground in Custer State Park. On the way there we did the wild life loop and it was awesome!! I hadn’t seen bison or prairie dogs since i was super young!

It was a beautiful campground but had a bunch of people some what close. Katie set up her station to journal and make plans for the following days while i ran around with Maggie. Then Maggie got out of her harness being just a little puppy and wanted to chase the turkeys walking thru the campground!

We had a fire and hit the hay for an early start tomorrow morning! I under-estimated the time between stops with puppy stops, fuel and human stops so we were running a bit behind schedule which was totally fine!

The next day we continued west and stopped in Farson, WY for gas then again at Fossil Butte National Monument. It was a nice stop but i kind of ruined it by getting anxious about making so many stops. I have since learned and will continue to learn how to just go with the flow and enjoy every minute of every day. After Fossil Butte we headed on to our destination for the night which was Maple Grove Hot Springs in Thatcher, ID. It was quite an adventure because we took a wrong turn where there was a tiny sign saying maple grove hot springs which was down a steep grade on loose gravel with decent switch backs for the full size rig and trailer. The Cooper Discovery A/T3’s got a decent work out. We made it down fine, found our campsite and proceded to check in and hit the hot tubs!

We left Maple Grove Hot Springs after 2 nights and made our way to Bend, OR. We hit some weather on the way but nothing major. We made reservations at Scandia RV park which turned out to be a block in a busy city attached to a mobile home park. This was a short night sleep and no pictures because it was dark and nothing special.

We left early and hit the road to Mount Hood Village but we wouldn’t make it there…


to be continued..

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