Kauai, HI 2018 Part II

Welp if the suspense from the wait hasn’t heightened enough that’s okay because in this post we not only finish our Hawaii trip but we live thru the Hawaiian Ballistic Missile Scare of 2018.

So where we left off on the last post of Kauai, HI 2018 Part I : was where the locals weren’t too happy with us just for visiting a beautiful and popular beach of Kauai where they like to surf.

SO onward!

Day 6, January 12th 2018:

IMG_20180112_184440 (1)

Sunrise on my run!

Today I woke up and went for a run along Kuhio Highway. At this point in the vacation I had a nice 5k run set up and had plans to do it every day. After my run I got ready for the day. We planned what we wanted to do and see today and headed out to a hike at Ho’opi’i Falls. It was supposed to be pretty decent for scenery and “off the beaten path”. After the other day when the locals were bothered that we were walking thru their gypsy camp at Tunnels Beach we were a little hesitant especially since there was no signage for where this hike started and it was in the middle of a very quiet residential neighborhood. There were no signs for the hike and we read in the guide book that the locals didn’t want you here either. We found a place to park and were very careful to be quiet so they didn’t mind us sharing their space. We walked down a little path for a bit and came to a little cascading falls. In my opinion the drive was better than the hike.

On our way back to our AirBNB we stopped at Kauai Juice Co where I got a the Island Protein which consists of almonds, cashews, hemp seeds, dates, bio fermented rice protein, maca, chia, and tahition vanilla! Katie got the Akala which is strawberry, pomegranate, cherry, pineapple, raspberry and blueberry! They were both really good reasonably priced for what they are! We bought a couple for later and went back to our condo.


For the rest of the day we walked up and down our beach and enjoyed the Hawaiian weather which was a beautiful 78 degrees for an average high and average lows in the low 70s. We had a couple drinks on the beach loungers, then our patio and then hit the hay to rest up for another awesome day in Kauai!


Day 7, January 13th 2018:

I didn’t end up going for a run this morning and it’s a damn good thing I didn’t. I was lounging around somewhat getting ready for the day when both of our cell phones played the Emergency Broadcast Siren and we looked and saw a message that said,


We looked at each other with our eyes wide and jaws dropped. Our hearts pounding harder than they ever had. I tell Katie to grab her purse and I grab my day pack and we head to the lobby to see if they have any updates. Everyone at the resort is yelling at each other if we got the messages as well. Everyone was in panic-mode. The resort employees weren’t any more helpful than anyone else. We saunter back to the room and turn on the news and search social media for some sort of explanation. I ended up texting my parents and seeing if they had heard anything. My dad calls me and we say a couple words as a BREAKING NEWS finally comes on the news. They say that the message was IN FACT a drill! Some yahoo sent out a real alarm when it was supposed to be a TEST of the missile system but the employee misunderstood and sent it as a real threat because he thought it was a real threat somehow. 30 some odd minutes after the original message was sent out we received a second message,

” There is no missile threat or danger to the State of Hawaii. Repeat. False Alarm. ”

As we sit in our room trying to understand what happened and how to take what happened for what it is and move on with our vacation. We actually just ended up staying our room the rest of the day and watched the sun set on the beach.. We couldn’t really shake what happened and at this point in the trip we have seen everything we wanted to see here on Kauai. We decided to see how much it would be to catch a early flight home. It was only a 100 bucks and we could leave the next day with a layover in Seattle. We decided to book it and hit the hay so we could enjoy our last day in Hawaii the next day.



Day 8, January 14th 2018:

This being our last day we decided to go see some of the things we really wanted to see before we leave. We watched the sunrise on the beach one last time. We then headed up to Lihue-Koloa Forest Reserve. We then stopped at Kawi Stream hiked up a couple miles and took some pictures!


After our hike we went back to the resort, packed up and hit the road to the airport. We got thru security and found a place to have a beer before we board the plane. Our flight to Seattle was way better and smoother than the one from LA to Kauai. We land at MSP and its 2 degrees Fahrenheit as I run to the light rail and then run to our car that is parked at a Park and ride a couple miles away from the air port. It was chilly but damn was it good to be back in Minnesota.

Day 9, January 15th 2018:

We got home, unpacked and thru some clothes in the wash. I took a quick nap and then we decided to have a fire. We just purchased a new house before we left and we haven’t really gotten a chance to get cozy and unpack everything. We spent the rest of the weekend doing these things and resting up!!




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