Alaska October 2018



This adventure started with Katie surprising me with a 30th birthday trip to see my brother and sister in-law in Ketchikan AK!! They manage Settlers Cove State Recreation Area which is at the dead end of the main road on the island. Dave and Adrienne are living in Alaska working as camp hosts for Settlers Cove State Park and Campground! We figured this would be a good reason to get up there and knock another state off of our Adventure List. October was a really good time to go since all of the cruise ships are done coming to the island for the season. We got into town the first weekend without them so some of the shops and bars were still open.



We packed slowly the week before we left so all we had to do that Saturday morning was drop off the dogs, drive to the light rail and get through security. Everything went off without a hitch and we were air born on our way to Seattle for a 2 hour layover and then to Ketchikan on Revillagigedo Island, Alaska! We landed just before the sun set and it was an amazing entry to The Last Frontier. The airport was actually on another island called Gravina Island and then you take a ferry to the island of Ketchikan. Dave and Adrienne were waiting for us in the Airport! We all hopped on the ferry and set sail to Ketchikan catching up with Dave and Adrienne as we drove back to Settlers Cove.


Settlers Cove is a really interesting and amazing place! It is at a dead end of the one major road on the island. It has 13 campsites and 1 cabin. It has many nice hikes including walking the tide pools at low tide looking at all of the star fish and other sea creatures.


We went to Totem Bight State Park. It was a beautiful walk through the woods right on the water.


We went into downtown Ketchikan for a burger and beer from Burger Queen. It was a little dive bar that had decent burgers and good beers at fair prices! We also went to a couple of the shops that were still open and saw the famous Creek Street.


We spent the majority of the rest our time hiking around the tide pools, hiking the trails, eating delicious fresh seafood, and spending quality time with Dave and Adrienne.





At the close of our trip we packed everything up and Dave and Adrienne brought us back to the ferry dock. We said our goodbyes and made our way to the airport. It was a particularly hard farewell being as we don’t know the next time we will be seeing them.



Our flight home was pretty uneventful. When we got home we got the dogs, put the bags away and started laundry and prepping for the week.

until next time!!

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