Minneopa and Flandrau State Park – September 2019

Katie and I had the bug to get out for an adventure and to see something new. Even if it was just for a day trip. After brainstorming new locations relatively close to home we decided to head down to Mankato and New Ulm. Which are about 75 to 80 miles away. Neither of us have been there but they’ve been on both of our lists for a while

We opted to go to Minneopa State Park right out side of Mankato and Flandrau State Park in New Ulm. We also went to the August Shell Brewery and the Glockenspiel! The Brewery had a live band and fresh beer which was decent and can definitely see why people feel the nostalgia that seems to follow people who visit this place! It was super crowded though and the line for beer was 20 + minutes! We left after one and decided to hit the ole dusty trail on home!


Maggie has grown up being on road trips so she’s always up for an adventure!!



Side Note: This was our first longer commute in the new to me Tundra. Which handled and road amazing. We can’t wait to hit the road for a longer trip!




Until next time!!

Thanks so much for watching!

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