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THANKFUL THURSDAY! Thankful to have these amazing people in my life! . . . #thankfulthursday #familymatters
Weekend adventures!!
Bacon cinnamon rolls anyone!?!?!
Unusually warm weather here! We will take it! . . #italy🇮🇹 #greveinchianti #journeytothegoodlife
Manarola, Italy
Greve in Chianti is always beautiful!! . . #italy🇮🇹 #tuscany #journeytothegoodlife #greveinchianti
Good to be back in Greve in Chianti!
Manarola from above. . . #manarola #italy #journeytothegoodlife
Giornata di pioggia a Manarola
From coast to Italian coast!
Florence was great but it's time to move on!
One of my favorite cities! . . . #venezia #italy #journeytothegoodlife
My favorite season is here! #journeytothegoodlife #4seasons
Saw this little guy on our walk this past weekend!! #journeytothegoodlife
Happy Anniversary to the best wife ever @g.katie1 ! Many more amazing years to come!
Super grateful and lucky to have such an amazing wife @g.katie1 ! She surprised me with a fishing charter on lake Superior this weekend for an early bday present. Our two amazing friends @thomas_shooting_accessories and @photomidge came as well! We got 2 10ish lb Lakers, had some "trouble at sea" but everything turned out just fine thanks to our captain Jon Dahl! It was an amazing weekend. I am so blessed, lucky and grateful to have what I have and do what I do.
We had some good luck on Lake Superior this weekend! 10lb Laker! #happyhookersportfishing #lakesuperior
Little surprise birthday trip for @g.katie1!! Flagstaff and Sedona were amazing!! We will definitely be back!

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This post is a work in progress. Thanks so much for looking and following along! 🙂


After a sleepless red eye flight from Minnesota and couple hour layover in Amsterdam, we landed into Venice right before sunset. We figured out the first time we went to Venice over 5 years prior that the private water taxi for 100 euro from the airport on the mainland to the island is the best way to give your body a little refresh by forcing down the fresh ocean air with the speed of the big V8. Katie likes the way the wood boats look so we always look specifically for one of those. We spent the next several days in Venice walking around the few alleys we haven’t seen yet, drinking wine and enjoying the way Venice is today.





We took a train from Venice to Florence. We got in right at check-in for our Airbnb.





We took a train from Florence to Manarola and got in around noon. Even though we were early the host and son of the owner of the flat showed up at the train station and helped carry our luggage back to the Airbnb. We got there and he showed us the beautiful balcony’s and rest of the condo. He then asked us if we would like a walk tour of the city. Katie and I went as Katie’s parents wanted to stay at the room. Alessandro then gave us a 2 hour tour of the city of all of the secret spots including his private garden and place where he hangs his grapes to dry for the desert wine his family makes. We get back to the room and then we tell Katie’s parents how awesome it was. Bob’s jealous so he asks me to communicate with him to see if he can have a tour the following day. He agrees and tells Bob to meet him at the church at 5pm. The next day Bob meets him and instantly calls us and tells us that he wanted all of us to come because he brought his car and is going to show us some things. We say fuck it and go for it. He takes us to all of these amazing spots and shows us all of the land his family owns including a co-op wine processing building. He then takes us to his house and cracks a jug of his family’s private wine that is VERY VERY limited on quantity. He buys us cheese, meat and bread! This was a total MIND F**CK with how generous, kind and open he was with us ab out his family, his village, and his personal beliefs about living more organic and not using any chemicals etc. He and his tours were one of the best parts of this whole 3 week trip.



Alessandro’s Basement ^


Alessandro ^



Greve in Chianti







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