Kauai, HI 2018 Part II

Welp if the suspense from the wait hasn't heightened enough that's okay because in this post we not only finish our Hawaii trip but we live thru the Hawaiian Ballistic Missile Scare of 2018. So where we left off on the last post of Kauai, HI 2018 Part I : was where the locals weren't too [...]

Kauai, HI 2018 Part I

  We booked this trip like we do a lot of our trips - a year in advance. We decided on January because it's cold here in Minnesota and it'll be nice to get away to somewhere warm! We booked an AirBnB, flight and rental car. We touched down in Kauai, HI after having a [...]

Young gun no more.

I'm turning 30 in October. Is that a big deal? I don't really care about numbers but in the past couple years I've gone from decent shape physically to better shape to the worst shape of my life bent over hunched to my right and stuck there until my body lets me know that its [...]

PNW Roadtrip October 2016 PART 2

We were descending a desolate Mt Hood around 5AM and we rounded a turn on highway 35 and our trip took a crazy turn. We could see that the road was glare ice, feel the truck and trailer gliding as if it was on a well groomed ice rink and looked at each other with [...]

PNW Roadtrip October 2016 PART 1

I am writing this trip report over a year after this trip actually took place. We had been planning this trip for a year and finally it was time to starting packing up the Tundra and camper. (little history: the year prior to the trip I started building a small camper with my dad on [...]

New Rig

So I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a really good deal on a very reliable, off road capable, weekend / road trip rig. I found one that I felt like I'd regret if I didn't at least take a peek! Well.. It just so happened that it was a one owner, all maintenance up [...]

The most beulah-ful place.

Before I start talking about Beulah let me explain a little about my brother and sister-in-law. I touched on this in the post about us going to Yellowstone and Stanley but let me clarify and give some background information. They met in kindergarten and then started dating in college. Got married and bought a great [...]